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Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome :: Health Vision Computer Essays

Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome Many people in today’s world experience a number of discomforts in relation to spending too much time in front of a computer. These discomforts are especially common for students at Iowa State University because computer technology is used for most of the classes taught here. Many students are unaware of the damage that they are doing to themselves by staring at computer screens for extended periods of time. This paper will describe some of the effects that these students may experience which include: dry, burning eyes; blurred vision; delayed focusing; altered color perception; headaches; tired eyes; eyestrain; sore eyes; red eyes; contact lens discomfort; glare sensitivity; excessive tearing; neck, shoulder and back pain (intersights). Collectively, these symptoms have been termed Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) by the American Optometry Association (eye2eye). The purpose of this paper is to make students aware of some of the effects of long hours spent in front of a computer, and what they can do to prevent these effects. This paper will cover the causes of common effects of Computer Vision Syndrome in detail so that students are aware of the causes as well as the effects of extended amounts of computer usage. When the students know that their computer is the source of the discomforts described below, they will be able to easily prevent these discomforts. Ultimately, this paper will help students become much more efficient in their computer work when they know what causes the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome are and how they can prevent them. What Are the Causes of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)? When a person is looking at a computer screen, that person is processing information at a very rapid rate. The human eye is designed to see clearly at distances of three to twenty feet away without any accommodations, and at this range our eyes traditionally experience no discomfort. When the average person is looking at a computer screen, that screen is usually around twenty inches away from the eyes. The eyes must continually expand and contract to continually refocus to compensate for this small distance. The eye is just not designed to be able to handle staying contracted for any amount of time, and the result is tired, dry, and very sore eyes (eye2eye). The images and text on a computer screen are composed of pixels. Pixels are tiny dots that are bright in the center and fuzzy on the edges and are usually accompanied by backgrounds that do not lend a strong contrast to the written text.

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Hr Planning Assignment

Introduction to Planning Function. Human resource planning is the process whereby organizations determine the staffing support they will need to meet business needs and customer demands. There are a variety of considerations that impact this planning, including impending retirements and transitions, the availability of employees with certain skills sets and changes in the environment that may require training for existing employees. Human resource planning is important and ongoing because of both internal and external environmental changes.Internally, businesses are impacted by turnover and retirements. Externally, they are impacted by changes in technology, changes in the economy, and changes in the industry and consumer demand that may require skills that do not currently exist within the company. All of these impacts have an effect on the type and numbers of employees that are needed for the business to remain successful. MM Distributing Agencies. Company Profile MM Distributing A gencies is engaged in product distributing business for five years in a considerably successful manner.The business was started by Mr. Manjula Madurapperuma. Since the companies’ commencement Mr. Manjula Madurapperuma and Mr. Ajith Jayathunga has contributed in a major aspect to the company to be reached the zenith. Their Vision To have distributing agencies in each district. Their Mission We will be the most successful distributing company in the country. MM Distributing Agencies has three distributing agencies, distributing Unilever and Asian Paints products in several geographical areas.And they have about 65 employees under their distributing agencies running out their working capacity. Each and every agency is consistent with a Branch manager, Sales Manager, Stock Keeper and an IT manager. These managers have authority to plan, and recruit and select candidates to their branches or to the particular section. Primarily what happens in these distributing agencies is storin g and distributing the products of Unilever and Asian Paints Companies to shops in those particular areas. Storage and DistributionEach distributing agency has inventories; Unilever and Asian Paints products are directly sent to these inventories and these inventories are controlled and handled under the supervision of Stock keepers and supervisors. And the information about the products stored in these inventories is entered to the main database by computer operators under the supervision of IT managers and Stock keepers. These agencies use Vans and Lorries to distribute products. On all these vehicles there is an outstanding staff whereas a driver, cash collector and 1 or 3 assistants are supposed to work together.And all the day to day activities, information about distributed products are entered to the main database by computer operators under the supervision of IT managers and Stock keepers. And finally the Top Management retrieves required information from the certain databas e. Competitors Competitors of these agencies are other agencies that distribute products of companies like Hemas, CIC, Multilack, Nipolack, and COSWAY etc. Locations of MM Distributing Agencies. Organizational Structure Mr. Manjula Madurapperuma. Mr. Manjula Madurapperuma. Mr. Ajith Jayathunga Mr. Ajith JayathungaAnuradhapura Branch Manager Anuradhapura Branch Manager Avissawella Branch Manager Avissawella Branch Manager Nuwara Eliya Branch Manager Nuwara Eliya Branch Manager Each and every branch is consistent with a Branch manager, Sales Manager, Stock Keeper and an IT manager. Sales Managers, Stock Keepers and IT managers work under the supervision of their particular branch manager. All these managers have authority to plan, and recruit and select candidates to their branches or to the particular section. Only the management positions are filled under the supervision of Mr.Manjula Madurapperuma and Mr. Ajith Jayathunga Current HR Planning Process at MM Distributing Agencies. Eve n though MM Distributing Agencies is engaged in business in a considerably successful manner, the organization does not have a proper planning process. And also it does not have a HR department. HR managers’ duties are done by the each branch manager. Currently the Sales Managers, Stock Keepers and IT managers at each branch have the authority to plan, and recruit and select candidates to their branches or to the particular section under the supervision of their particular branch manager.When there is a position to be filled these managers ask their current employees for help or they go for recruitment at gate option. According to Avissawella branch manager this organization does not have a HR database and a successful planning process, when they have a vacant position they temporarily hire employees for the particular vacant position until they find a suitable person to hire permanently. And the managers admit that it is a costly process. And also they admit that temporarily hired employees cannot be trusted.Both Avissawella and Nuwara Eliya branch managers have faced problems with temporarily hired workers stealing products from the organization and with their bad behavior. These problems are results of not having HR department, a HR database and a proper planning process in the organization. According to Mr. Manjula Madurapperuma, they have tried to establish two distributing agencies at Kurunegala and Kegalle, but both times they have failed to keep those agencies running. It is clear all those failures were occurred because the organization did not have a proper planning process.These weaknesses can affect the organizations’ success. Current Problems of The HR Planning Process at MM Distributing Agencies. * This organization does not have a HR Department. * Organization does not maintain a HR database. * Does not have a proper planning process. * Managers quickly plan solutions for problems like employee turnover, retirements and market losi ng and they fail at implementing those plans. * Branch managers have to work as HR managers too. * Some managerial solutions like temporarily hiring workers cost a huge amount of money and resources to the organization.Recommendations for improvement * Owners of this organization should hire a HR Manager and required other employees and have a HR Department in this organization. * HR Department should maintain a HR database about available employees to inform them and to hire them when there are vacant positions to be filled. * Owners of MM Distributing agencies should meet their managers time to time and make plans for the future of the organization and should implement them carefully. Otherwise the remaining three branches of MM Distributing agencies will eventually fail.

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Pros and Cons on Flexible Grouping in Grades 7-12

Every student learns differently.  Some students are visual  learners who  prefer using pictures or  images;  some students are  physical  or  kinesthetic who prefer using their bodies and sense of touch. Different learning styles mean that teachers must try to address the variety of learning styles of their students to target instruction. One way to achieve this is through flexible-grouping. Flexible grouping  (flex grouping) is the purposeful  and  strategic  grouping/regrouping  of students within the classroom  and in combination with other classes in various ways based on the subject area and/or type of task. Flexible grouping is used in middle and high school, grades 7-12, to help differentiate instruction for students in any content area.   Flex-grouping  allows teachers the opportunity to organize collaborative and cooperative activities in the classroom. In creating flexible groups teachers may use  test results, student in-class performance, and an individualized evaluation of a students set of skills to determine the group into which a student should be placed.  Regular review of placement in flex-grouping is recommended. In flex-grouping, teachers can also group students by levels of ability. There are ability levels organized in three (below proficiency, approaching proficiency) or four (remedial, approaching proficiency, proficiency, goal).  Organizing students by ability levels is a form of proficiency-based learning which is more common in the elementary grades. A type of assessment that is growing at the secondary level is standards-based grading which ties performance to proficiency levels. If there is a need to group students by ability, teachers can organize students into  heterogeneous grouping  mixing students with different skills  or  into  homogenous groups  with students in separate groups based on high, medium, or low academic achievement.  Homogeneous grouping  is used for improving specific student skills or measuring student understanding more often.  The student grouped with students demonstrating similar needs is one way a teacher can target identified needs students have in common. By targeting the help each student needs, a teacher can create flex groups for the most remedial students  while also offering flex groups for higher achieving students.   As a caution, however, educators should recognize that when homogeneous grouping is used consistently in the classroom, the practice is similar to  tracking  students. The sustained separation of students by  academic ability into groups for all subjects  or specific classes  within a school is called tracking.  This practice of tracking is discouraged as  research shows that tracking  negatively impacts academic growth. The key word in the  definition of tracking is the word sustained which contrasts with the purpose of flex grouping. Since the groups are organized around a particular task, flex grouping is not sustained. Should there be a need to organize groups for socialization, teachers can  create groups through a drawing or lottery. Groups can be created through pairs spontaneously. Once again, each students learning style  is an important consideration as well. Asking students to participate in organizing the flex groups (How would you like to learn this material?) may increase student engagement and motivation. Pros in Using Flexible Grouping Flexible grouping is one strategy  that allows the teacher opportunities to address each learners  specific needs, while regular grouping and regrouping encourage student relationships with teacher and classmates. These collaborative experiences in the classroom help to prepare students for the authentic experiences of working with others in college and their chosen career.   Research shows  that flex grouping  minimizes the stigma of being different and for many students helps to  reduce their anxiety. Flex grouping provides an  opportunity for all students  to develop leadership skills and take responsibility for their learning.   Students in flex groups need  to communicate with other students, a practice which develops speaking and listening skills. These skills are part of the Common Core State Standards in Speaking and Listening  CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.SL.1 [Students] repare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively. While developing speaking and listening skills are important for all students, they are particularly important for students labeled as  English Language Learners  (ELL, EL, ESL or EFL). Conversations between students may not always be academic, but for these ELs, speaking to and listening to their classmates is an academic exercise regardless of topic. Cons in Using Flexible Grouping Flexible grouping takes time to implement successfully. Even in grades  7-12, students need to be trained in the procedures and expectations for group work. Setting standards for cooperation and practicing routines can be time-consuming. Developing stamina for working in groups takes time. Collaboration in groups may be uneven. Everyone has had an experience in school or at work of working with a slacker who may have contributed little effort. In these cases, flex grouping may penalize students who may work harder than other students who may not help. Mixed ability groups may not provide the support needed for all members of the group. Moreover, single ability groups limit peer to peer interaction.  The concern with separate ability groups is that placing students into lower groups often results in lower expectations. These kinds of homogenous groups organized only by ability can result in  tracking.   The National Education Association  (NEA) research on tracking shows that when schools track their students, those students  generally stay at one level. Staying at one level means that the achievement gap grows exponentially over the years, and academic delay for the student gets worse over time. Tracked students may never have the opportunity to escape to higher groups or levels of achievement.   Finally, in grades 7-12,  social influence can complicate grouping students. Some students may be negatively affected by peer pressure. Student social and emotional needs require that teachers need to be aware of their students social interactions before organizing a group. Conclusion Flexible grouping means that teachers can group and regroup students to address student academic skills. The collaborative experience of flexible grouping can also better prepare students for working with others after they leave school. While there is no formula for creating perfect groups in class, placing students in these collaborative experiences is a critical component of college and career readiness.

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Comprehensive Mental Health Services ( Cmhs ) Essay

Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS) is an organization in Kansas City, Missouri dedicated to serving those with mental illnesses, ranging from both low- to high-functioning. This group has a for-profit and non-profit side. The for-profit side utilizes doctors, nurses, and a pharmacy to aide in the non-profit side. Case workers, therapists, addiction recovery, and group homes are all funded via the organization. With diverse staff involvement, CMHS has a multitude of positions ranging from full-time salary doctors, to full-time hourly case workers, to volunteers. Volunteers vary between other organizations that CMHS collaborates with, including Harvester’s food pantry, and even patients who want to donate their time to some of the less-fortunate. While those with mental illnesses are oppressed, this report is not about their oppression, rather their open-mindedness on the oppression of those around them. Rachael Miller is a case worker at CMHS. She works with a m ultitude of mentally ill individuals ranging from low-functioning white women, to high-functioning, gay black men (2015). Most of these mentally ill patients are understanding that they are oppressed; and with that, understand the oppression of others that surround them. For instance, almost all of Miller’s patients are completely tolerant toward other races and those of other sexualities; however, there was one individual, cover-named â€Å"Tim†, that was both homophobic and racist when he began hisShow MoreRelatedClinicas Del Camino Real, Inc. ( Cdcr )881 Words   |  4 Pagesprovided quality primary care services to the medically underserved communities of Ventura County for 45 years. CDCR started as â€Å"The Free Clinic† in Santa Paula, California in 1971 and now operates 13 Joint Commission and NCQA-Level 3 accredited health centers and three mobile units throughout the County. In addition, CDCR provides counseling services at several elementary school, high school, and adolescent group home sites. At most of the sites, patients now receive services in family practice, pediatricsRead MoreDescription Of A Service Program1808 Words   |  8 Pages Reviewer:_______________________________________ Name and location of CMH Programs: First CMH service program: The first person, I interviewed was Dawn Sarna M.S., MFT, LADC and she is the owner of premier behavioral healthcare. Second CMH service program: The second person, I interviewed was Prachi Sharma, who holds a Psy.D. and is a staff psychologist with Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at UNLV. Interviewee(s) and how interview was conducted: I interviewedRead MoreThe And Location Of Cmh Programs1832 Words   |  8 Pages Name and location of CMH Programs: First CMH service program: The first person, I interviewed was Dawn Sarna M.S., MFT, LADC and she is the owner of premier behavioral healthcare. Second CMH service program: The second person, I interviewed was Prachi Sharma, who holds a Psy.D. and is a staff psychologist with Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at UNLV. Interviewee(s) and how interview was conducted: I interviewed Dawn Sarna M.S., MFT, LADC for an in personRead MoreDescription Of A Service Program1813 Words   |  8 Pages Reviewer:_______________________________________ Name and location of CMH Programs: First CMH service program: The first person, I interviewed was Dawn Sarna M.S., MFT, LADC and she is the owner of premier behavioral healthcare. Second CMH service program: The second person, I interviewed was Prachi Sharma, who holds a Psy.D. and is a staff psychologist with Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at UNLV. Interviewee(s) and how interview was conducted: I interviewedRead MoreNegative Physical And Mental Health Consequences Among Children And Adults ( Steele ) Essay2253 Words   |  10 Pagesphysical and mental health consequences among children and adults (Steele Malchiodi, 2012). Studies of the last three decades on ACEs and traumatic stress have emphasized the impact and the importance of preventing and addressing trauma across all service systems utilizing universal systemic approaches (Oral et al., 2016). The short and long term outcomes of these childhood exposures include a multitude of health and social problems including heart disease, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health diagnosisRead MoreThe Journal Of Traumatic Stress1838 Words   |  8 PagesViolence and Other Potentially Traumatic Events† by Cindy A. Crusto of Yale University School of Medicine, Melissa L. Whitson of the University of New Haven, Sherry M. Walling of Fresno Pacific University, Richard Feinn of the University of Connecticut Health Sciences Cente r, Farmington, Stacey R. Friedman of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Jesse Reynolds of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Mona Amer of the American University at CairoRead MoreShiawassee County Community Mental Health Essay2344 Words   |  10 PagesShiawassee County Community Mental Health Shiawassee County Community Mental Health (SCCMH) is an agency that provides various services to the people of Shiawassee County Michigan. This paper will explain SCCMH and their mission to the public, core values, and vision of the future. Mission Statement. To provide individualized behavioral health care services to members of the community to assist them in improving and maintaining quality of life by reaching their personal goals. CoreRead MoreBridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (Cvp) Analysis3372 Words   |  14 PagesBridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis INTRODUCTION In June of the current year Dr. Thomas Russell, Executive Director, and Susan Smyth, Accountant, at the Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center were discussing the necessity of gaining a better understanding of how to monitor the Center’s operating and financial performance. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Bridgestone provides prevention, intervention, and treatment services for individuals with substance abuse problemsRead MoreBridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (Cvp) Analysis3370 Words   |  14 PagesBridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis INTRODUCTION In June of the current year Dr. Thomas Russell, Executive Director, and Susan Smyth, Accountant, at the Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center were discussing the necessity of gaining a better understanding of how to monitor the Center’s operating and financial performance. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Bridgestone provides prevention, intervention, and treatment services for individuals with substance abuse problemsRead MoreWrite a Memo to Bridgestone Director4238 Words   |  17 PagesISSN 1940-204X Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis for Planning and Control A. Ronald Kucic University of Denver IntroductIon Thomas: In reality, securing some outside assistance seems James E. Sorensen University of Denver Lisa M. Victoravich University of Denver In June of the current year Dr. Thomas Russell, Executive Director, and Susan Smyth, Accountant, at the Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center were discussing the necessity of gaining a better

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald - 913 Words

â€Å"Gatsby? What Gatsby?† Daisy’s infamous line, when all the pieces begin to line up for Gatsby’s demise. It is also the line that sets the theme for the entire novel. Who is Gatsby, where did he come from, and what does he want? These are the inquiries that boggle the readers throughout the novel. Gatsby was like a monster created by his own Frankenstein, Daisy and Nick Carraway, is the ominous narrator, god, the eyes that were always watching and making judgments upon others. During the Jazz Age in New York, it was a time of little frugality and great extravagance. â€Å"It was in such a profusion around you.†(p.3) and the prodigality was attained in each class through lust (Tome and Daisy), deceit (Gatsby and the world), and murder (Wilson and Myrtle) of Jay Gatsby. Gatsby hosted several large gaudy parties where it was like stepping into another world. He hosted these parties in hopes that Daisy would wander into one; although, she never did. The people who attended his parties were classified as â€Å"new money†Ã¢â‚¬â€celebrities, socialites, and etc. The kind of people that came into money recently, inferring that it was not generational wealth. Daisy was classified as â€Å"old money†Ã¢â‚¬â€those whose families always had wealth and their posterior are entitled to a life of carelessness. Gatsby’s parties incited rumors from people who thought they knew who he was; however, of all who poured in, no one knew who him or at least not the real him. This was evident from the stories ofShow MoreRelatedThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald1393 Words   |  6 PagesF. Scott Fitzgerald was the model of the American image in the nineteen twenties. He had wealth, fame, a beautiful wife, and an adorable daughter; all seemed perfect. Beneath the gilded faà §ade, however, was an author who struggled with domestic and physical difficulties that plagued his personal life and career throughout its short span. This author helped to launch the theme that is so prevalent in his work; the human instinct to yearn for more, into the forefront of American literature, where itRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1343 Words   |  6 PagesHonors English 10 Shugart 18 Decemeber 2014 The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby is a tragic love story, a mystery, and a social commentary on American life. The Great Gatsby is about the lives of four wealthy characters observed by the narrator, Nick Carroway. Throughout the novel a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby throws immaculate parties every Saturday night in hope to impress his lost lover, Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby lives in a mansion on West Egg across from DaisyRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1155 Words   |  5 PagesThe Great Gatsby The Jazz Age was an era where everything and anything seemed possible. It started with the beginning of a new age with America coming out of World War I as the most powerful nation in the world (Novel reflections on, 2007). As a result, the nation soon faced a culture-shock of material prosperity during the 1920’s. Also known as the â€Å"roaring twenties†, it was a time where life consisted of prodigality and extravagant parties. Writing based on his personal experiences, author F. ScottRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1166 Words   |  5 Pagesin the Haze F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in a time that was characterized by an unbelievable lack of substance. After the tragedy and horrors of WWI, people were focused on anything that they could that would distract from the emptiness that had swallowed them. Tangible greed tied with extreme materialism left many, by the end of this time period, disenchanted. The usage of the literary theories of both Biographical and Historical lenses provide a unique interpretation of the Great Gatsby centered aroundRead MoreThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald845 Words   |  3 PagesIn F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, colors represent a variety of symbols that relate back to the American Dream. The dream of being pure, innocent and perfect is frequently associated with the reality of corruption, violence, and affairs. Gatsby’s desire for achieving the American Dream is sought for through corruption (Schneider). The American Dream in the 1920s was perceived as a desire of w ealth and social standings. Social class is represented through the East Egg, the WestRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay970 Words   |  4 Pagesrespecting and valuing Fitzgerald work in the twenty-first century? Fitzgerald had a hard time to profiting from his writing, but he was not successful after his first novel. There are three major point of this essay are: the background history of Fitzgerald life, the comparisons between Fitzgerald and the Gatsby from his number one book in America The Great Gatsby, and the Fitzgerald got influences of behind the writing and being a writer. From childhood to adulthood, Fitzgerald faced many good andRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald2099 Words   |  9 Pagesauthor to mirror his life in his book. In his previous novels F. Scott Fitzgerald drew from his life experiences. He said that his next novel, The Great Gatsby, would be different. He said, â€Å"In my new novel I’m thrown directly on purely creative work† (F. Scott Fitzgerald). He did not realize or did not want it to appear that he was taking his own story and intertwining it within his new novel. In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, he imitates his lifestyle through the Buchanan family to demonstrateRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1607 Words   |  7 Pages The Great Gatsby is an American novel written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of the themes of the book is the American Dream. The American Dream is an idea in which Americans believe through hard work they can achieve success and prosperity in the free world. In F. Scott Fitzgerald s novel, The Great Gatsby, the American Dream leads to popularity, extreme jealousy and false happiness. Jay Gatsby’s recent fortune and wealthiness helped him earn a high social position and become one of the mostRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1592 Words   |  7 PagesMcGowan English 11A, Period 4 9 January 2014 The Great Gatsby Individuals who approach life with an optimistic mindset generally have their goals established as their main priority. Driven by ambition, they are determined to fulfill their desires; without reluctance. These strong-minded individuals refuse to be influenced by negative reinforcements, and rely on hope in order to achieve their dreams. As a man of persistence, the wealthy Jay Gatsby continuously strives to reclaim the love of hisRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1646 Words   |  7 PagesThe 1920s witnessed the death of the American Dream, a message immortalized in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Initially, the American Dream represented the outcome of American ideals, that everyone has the freedom and opportunity to achieve their dreams provided they perform honest hard work. During the 1920s, the United States experienced massive economic prosperity making the American Dream seem alive and strong. However, in Fitzgerald’s eyes, the new Am erican culture build around that

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Power of social norms Free Essays

In our day of age, technology has influenced many aspects of our everyday lives. There is not a day where we cannot go without our phones, computers or television sets. If all of that were to be taken from us, most likely we would be in an uproar. We will write a custom essay sample on Power of social norms or any similar topic only for you Order Now Being exposed to such technological devices, we have become consumed with social media. Social media has definitely shaped the way we communicate, get Information and the way we Interpret things. For example, Just recently Mile Cyrus released a music video called Wrecking Ball. Mile Cyrus is known for her innocent Disney role, Hannah Montana, a young teen who is trying to live a normal life as she Juggles being a high school teen and her secret blonde wigged pop star career as Hannah Montana. However, when the music video Wrecking Ball came out, Mile traded her innocent, parent-friendly Image for a pixie-cut, red lipped and cropped attire. The video consisted of a naked Mile riding a steel giant ball destroying cement walls and licking a sledge hammer. When the video was released, many were shocked to see this coming from the former Disney starlet. Some were disgusted by the nudity. Others loved the singer’s video and thought It was a great Interpretation of the song. Either way, the video shattered the Vivo record for most watched music video and caused many to correctly. Mile Cyrus did something that many here In America are not so exposed to, she broke a personal appearance norm. In America, we are not exposed to such nudity; and if so, the content is usually censored. But we also, have to include the gender roles. If a male is nude, it mostly likely considered as funny, but if a female is nude, it is most likely considered taboo and gets labeled a slut. Once, Mile appeared fully due riding a giant steel ball; many labeled it as inappropriate and calling her names, such as slut. However, if you were to show this to people in Europe, they would not be bothered by it. In Europe, they are exposed to nudity; many would consider It as an art form. So why are people concerned with the imagery of the video rather than the meaning behind the song? It all has to with our culture and environment we are exposed to. Culture consists of language, the behavior and any aspects that surround you In that moment. It Influences the way you see and accept at things in society. Every culture has a norms and sanctions that are considered acceptable. Norms are appropriate behaviors based on specific values and sanctions are prizes or punishment you receive when you go against the norm (Carl 54). Once you go against the norm, you are deviant and going against the social order. â€Å"Winners are the good and the normal; Losers are the sick, the crazy, the evil†¦ † (Introduction to the Sociology of Deviance) Social Norms cover almost every aspect of the way we live. However, with standards and guidelines of behavior, it does lead to some pressure to conform (Social Norms, Sociology Norms, Basic Concepts of Sociology Guide). We see people conform every day because they fear society will shun them. Conformity and social norms In society all have to do with past generations culturally transmitting their values to us and the social Institutions teaching us hidden curriculum (Carl 50, 94) For Instance, In school whenever we see the American flag, we Immediately put our right hand over our heart and say the pledge of allegiance. If we don’t do it, the America. By not placing our right hand over our heart, we would be considered deviant towards America. (Introduction to the Sociology of Deviance) Growing up, cheers and parents teach us to be proud of your culture and nation. As you can see, both the nature and nurture aspects come into play when we react towards a norm either being â€Å"broken† or â€Å"obeyed†. To get a better understanding of breaking a norm, I had to experience what it was like to break a norm. My task was simple; I am to only speak Toga, a native Filipino language. But the problem was who, where and when am I going to break my norm. Luckily, my friend Alyssa, who I have known for three years, wanted to meet with me for a day of catching up as we shop at varies malls, local boutiques and stores in the San Diego area. I only speak English to Alyssa. So I thought this would be the perfect time for me to break my norm. However, to really comprehend the power of norms in society, I decided to perform the task on strangers too. Now with my mission already planned out, all I had to do was put into action; I had to only speak in Toga to my friend, Alyssa and strangers I encounter during my one-day visit to San Diego. My experience in my norm breaking experiment, I realized the norm of speaking a language other than English, people react and look at you as if you were an alien. To be honest, I did expect people to react in this manner. However, I was blind sighted by the incident in the Anthropologist store. For me, growing up in a different country and traveling exposed me to the norms of different cultures. I find myself learning something new; that does not mean I conform to the behavior or lifestyle. But I accept norms that I am not familiar with and have an open mind. But not everyone is accepting of different cultures or lifestyles, they are not familiar with. A huge percent of people in any society would feel uncomfortable and try to steer clear to those that are different from what they are used to. Society tends to Judge and criticize things because it’s to something they are used to or exposed to. We have all experienced or witnessed something that was different from the way we live or behave, so we feel uncomfortable in the situation. We can change that, every society should look with culturally relativistic perspective. We don’t have to accept their behavior, but that does not mean, we should Judge the way someone acts or behaves in life. We have to be open-minded and make an effort, rather than be in an ethnocentric perspective (Carl 54). This world consist of diverse cultures and lifestyles, we all could learn from one another. Man has the ability to expand his knowledge. How to cite Power of social norms, Papers

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Congestive Heart Failure Case Study for Cardiology- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theCongestive Heart Failure Case Study for Cardiology. Answer: Congestive heart failure can be defined as the situation when the heart cannot pup enough amount of blood in order to meet the metabolic needs of the body. Heart failures can be characterized as a chronic condition with acute exacerbations as well as with periods of abrupt worsening of the different symptoms. There are different causes of congestive heart disorders out of which coronary arterial disease is one of them (Smith et al. 2018). This disorder mainly results in the development of fatty deposits also known as plaques in the arterial walls. Blood cannot flow easily through the arteries and often results in cardiac ischemia. If this ischemia lasts for long, it may lead to the death of the heart muscles resulting in severe chest pain. High blood pressure may also result in heart muscles to work harder and this extra exertion of pressure for the muscles to work makes them stiff. They thereby become weak and cannot pump efficiently. Abnormal heart beat may also be a cause of conge stive heart failure as such heart rhythms may make the heart beat too fast casing the heart to work extra. Slow beating also leads in failure of the heart. Cardiomyopathy is the damage of the heart muscles that may take place from the excessive use of substances by patients (Chester et al., 2018). It may also lead to congestive heart failure. In other cases, virus also become responsible for the causing inflammation of the heart resulting in left sided heart failure. Some of the risk factors that remain associated with congestive heart disorders are the high blood pressure as well as coronary heart diseases. Besides, heart attack as well as diabetes may also act as risk factors for the disorders. Some diabetes medications also expose the individuals to the different forms of congestive heart failures. Viruses, tobacco and alcohol use, congenital heart disorders, sleep apnoea and many others all lead to the occurrence of the diseases. The congestive heart failure mainly has a very ne gative impact on the patient as well as the family. The patient has to lead a restricted life where he or she may not conduct all activities that he or she could do when they were well. Moreover, they also have to be very careful so that they do not go through similar symptoms that might be harmful for them and threaten their life. Such life may make them depressed and anxious and they feel frustrated about their life (Mehla et al., 2018). The caregivers or family members also undergo depression when they see their dear one suffering like this. They also go through financial turmoil due to flow of money on the healthcare and through physical turmoil, as they have to take care of the patients and keep them safe form danger. The first symptom that remains associated with congestive heart failure is the congested lungs as well as shortness of breath. This is also noted in the patient who was admitted in the emergency ward. Researchers are of the opinion that when fluid is accumulated in the lungs, it can result in the shortness of the breath. Lung congestion is also responsible for developing a dry, hacking cough as well as wheezing. The second symptoms that remain associated with the disorder is the occurrence of dizziness, weakness as well as fatigue. Such symptoms were also noted in the patient who was admitted. Improper blood flow from the heart had resulted in less blood entry to the major organs as well as in the muscles (White et al., 2018). These resulted in the feeling of tiredness and weakness. Researchers are of the opinion that as blood that flows to the brain in this condition is quite less, therefore, the patient also feels dizzy. Another symptom that was observed in the patient and is a com mon sign for all patients with congestive heart failure is the edema or swollen features in the body. Researchers are of the opinion that congestive heart failures cause less blood flow to kidneys (Morisawa et al., 2018). These result in the retention of the amount of water and fluid in the body that result in swollen ankles, abdomen causing, legs and weight gain. The patient also had swollen body parts in the case study. Another important symptom is the rapid irregular heartbeats. In order to make blood reach to all parts of the body, the heart tries to beat faster and this causes rapid as well as irregular heartbeats. Another important symptom that is also noticed in patients is the loss of appetite and feeling of nausea. This is mainly because the fluid is accumulated in the areas surrounding the digestive tract that causes different issues where the patients feel loss of appetite as well as nausea (Qian et al., 2016). ACE inhibitors (angiotensin converting enzyme) help in treatment of congestive heart disorders by mainly blocking the action of hormones that causes such disorders. The main function of the drug is seen to be helping the heart to pump well by opening the vessels of the blood and thereby reducing the blood pressure. Such inhibitors are seen to block the action of the protein that causes the blood vessels to get narrow (Shojiet al., 2018). With the help of this class of drug, the professionals can help the patients to relieve them of their heart failure symptoms such as build and swelling and help them to live better. Some of the medicines that can be seen are quinapril, ramipril, preindropil, altace, benazpril, lisisnpril and many others. Another class of drug which are also used in the beta blockers. There are certain epinephrines, norepinephrines as well as other similar hormones that are seen to act on the beta-receptors of the body tissues that thereby produce a harmful stimulativ e effect on the body (Ruppar et al., 2016). These hormones mainly provide pressure on the beta-receptors of the heart that result in more forceful contraction of the heart muscle. Therefore, in such situations, beta blockers are fond to be highly helpful as they cause the blockage of the actions of these stimulating hormones on the beta receptors of the tissues of the bodies. Some of the beta blockers which are used extensively is the acebutolol (Sectral), bisoprolol(Zebeta), nadolol(Corgard),timolol(Blocadren), atenolol(Tenormin), metoprolol(Lopressor,LopressorLA,ToprolXL), and many others. Once the patient is brought to the emergency department, it becomes important for the healthcare professionals to evaluate critical step for determining the severity of the cardiopulmonary instability. The nurse should undertake objective measurement of the dyspnoea severity including the monitoring of the respiratory rate, intolerance of the supine position, degree of hypoxia and effort of breathing. It would also involve checking heart rhythm and heart rate. Different laboratory tests should be done which include ecg, chest xray and many others. Bnp test should also be conducted (Vedel Khanassov, 2015). The nursing interventions should mainly include triaging to appropriate environment for providing safe clinical care to the patient. The nurse should also conduct objective monitoring that would include change in signs and symptoms to state whether the patient is responding to treatments. This would be followed by proper discharge planning or transfer of the patient to multidiscipl inary department for further treatment. Here, although oxygen therapy is important for patients but researchers say that it is best when the value of SpO2 90%. In case of the patient, it is about 92percent and hence oxygen therapy is not that important. However, noninvasive ventilation is found to be extremely important for the patients with respiratory distress. It decreases respiratory distress and helps in reduction of the rate of mechanical endotracheal intubation. Intravenous diuretics as well as vasodilators need to be administered. 20 to 40 mg intravenous furosemide can be provided to patient in such conditions. Intravenous vasodilator therapy can be also provided to the patients who blood pressure is normal to high. Sublingual nitrates can also be considered (Unverzagt et al., 2016). Evidence based, diseases modifying oral therapies can be provided to the patients in such conditions like the beta blockers, ACE, MRA, diuretics, nitrates and others. This should be then followe d by proper reassessment of the patient by the nurses. The patient should be checked in every proper ways by which the stability of the patient should be ensured. The nurses should continue to monitor the heart condition of the patient from time to time in order to entertain that the patient condition is gradually becoming stable (Shah et al., 2018). The total monitoring would be contributed for about 24 hours until the damage of the heart is stopped and the patient is out of danger. Following the condition of the patient for about 24 hours, the emergency nurse would conduct meeting with the other specialists and then transfer the patient to the general ward where she should be then treated by the multidisciplinary team. The nurses should properly document all the information so that the ongoing care of the patient is not disrupted and care provided is of high quality (Jonkman et al., 2016). References: Chester, R., Horwich, T., Srikanthan, P., Gornbein, J., Hundley, G., Watson, K. (2018). 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